Terry Blink Drops New Track

Reggae and Zimdancehall upcoming musician Terry Blink dropped a new track, "KUFARA ZVINOBHOWA". The track is a punchy beat party song for all those who like to party hard after a day's toil. Listen to the song on Youtube. https://youtu.be/DdyxO6jyqc8


Terry Blink’s new track ‘If You Love Me’ is out

Upcoming musician Terry Blink dropped yet another Zim-Dancehall single titled 'If You Love Me'. The new song was produced by Trombill Studios in Kadoma while Rozvi ForGe's producer @pita_moyo made the beat. As the title suggest, the song is about a loverboy who expects more sincere loving from his partner as he feels he is doing everything right. Listen to the song HERE! Or... Continue Reading →

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